Regular cleaning of facial skin is one of the secrets of having flawless skin. Especially if we have a lot of activities there are so many dusts in the air can stick to our skin. But in my experience, regularly cleaning is not enough, we should choose the best cleanser product what can lifting make up from our faces.

Can u imagine if don’t clean or face regularly? There are grimes on our face. It can make our face breakout. Here, I will share 3 of my favorite cleanser products that I always buy repeatedly.

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

This product is recommended by many beauty vlogger dan beauty blogger, isn’t it?  I was using it in 2017. It is my favorite daily cleanser. I like the smell, Camomile, makes me relax after I have so much schedule at the day. The texture looks like a candle, but after you apply in your face it would melt like butter. Next, you just need to massage your face and after that clean your face with a wet towel. I always do that, but u can change the wet towel with rinse your face with water, but I prefer a wet towel. My type of skin is a combination and it’s really easy to dehydrate. I don’t have a problem with this product, I love it from the first I use it. 

Actually, before I use camomile somptuous cleansing butter, I used Camomile cleansing oil. If I have time to review it, I will make another note why I love camomile somptuous cleansing butter beside camomile cleansing oil. Camomile somptuous cleansing butter can’t only be used for daily but also suitable for cleaning heavy makeup.

How about the price? I think it worth to buy, especially because I was falling in love in the first sight hahaha. I have spent a lot of this product. And one important thing is you can return the empty packaging and you will get additional points for members. That is for a better environment.

Bioderma Sensibio H20

And the second product is Bioderma Sensibio H20. This is the craziest product that makes me unable to try another micellar water. I use it from 2016 and always repeat to buy it. I know a lot of micellar water products are cheaper than this, but somehow I was willing to spend money on this.

Why I use this variant even though my skin type is a combination? Actually, I don’t know how to explain it, I just feel more comfortable when I use Bioderma Sensibio H20 than others. Btw, I’ve tried another variant too, and I feel safe when I use this variant, Bioderma Sensibio H20.

I think this product is effective for lifting makeup and dirt on the face. I used to use this by pouring it on cotton, to clean the daily makeup it usually only needed one sheet at a time, but for heavy makeup, it still wouldn’t be enough if I used just one sheet of cotton. For daily make up this product is the best. I also usually use this product for double cleansing. Double cleansing is really necessary. but sometimes I am lazy for double cleansing, as a result, I only use it. 

Biore Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes

This cleanser is in the form of a wet tissue. And this is really a reliable product to travel, light to carry and as effective as it can to clean makeup. And the cool thing is this product can lift waterproof makeup. Can you imagine how cool this product is, this is just the shape of your wet wipes, but it can be as good as cleaning the makeup, including the waterproof makeup too.

The hyaluronan content and moisturizing essence are able to cleanse and moisturize the face. there is no dryness at all when using this product. Falling in love since first use haha. But I bring it only for traveling. The mainstay for you who are happy traveling

Yaps, those are the 3 cleanser products that I always repeat to buy and I have been using for a long time. Hope this helps you in finding a good cleanser.

Written by: riskidysas

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