“Sorry. Would you please to be faster? Because my friend is waiting”, I said to the driver.

All the way, I remembered when I bought this ticket for Fan Meeting. “Bel, what will we choose? There are no chairs next to each other.” I asked my friend, Bella. We bought the tickets were too late. And finally, after we tried the million times, we got tickets next to each other. 

Yeah, it was Park Bo Gum Fan Meeting!!! I was so excited. Actually, I liked him since I saw him in Encounter drama. So easy to like him in that drama. He was very good at his acting. I am really sure.

Here we go!! We arrived at the venue at 4 pm which was the fan meeting would be started at 6 pm. We did arrive early because we want to take a picture at the venue. The promotor provided a standee and polaroid zone of Park Bo Gum which was the Polaroid photos were signed by Park Bo Gum. Not just that, the promoter provided the letterbox, so the fans who would send a letter Park Bo Gum can drop the letter in that box. I didn’t know they provided it because it was requested from Park Bo Gum management or their initiative. Whatever was it, it could make me feel we communicated with Park Bo Gum.

Park Bo Gum Standee
Polaroid Zone

The time was coming. We entered the venue at 6 pm. We passed the security checking and we got ilotte tote bag, banner, and photocard Park Bo Gum. We searched our seat number and no needed wait too long, the Indonesian National anthem was played and all of the audience sang it together. It made me cringe. I liked the atmosphere when we sang Indonesian National Anthem in there.

Ready to start a Good Day
Hi, Bell..

Jeng jeng.. suddenly the venue was dark, then a video of Park Bo Gum played in the screen. We really cant waited for Park Bo Gum. When the video finished, the screen was open!!! The handsome man came out! We were screaming!! Park Bo Gum!! He sang I Like You – Day 6. I was so excited, his voice was so great! It made me cringe all the time I heard. Oh my God, he was so cute, like in the Encounter drama. I was so happy to hear his voice, to saw his smile. And I gave applause to the promotor who provided the nice sound system. I really enjoy it and almost cried because I was too excited about the opening of the fan meeting.

Fan meeting was starting when the MC say hello to everyone in the venue, and Park Bo Gum followed him to introduced his self. While Park Bo Gum introduced his self, all of his fans were screaming!!! Damn, the Korean Nation Boyfriend was standing in front of us!! Once again I was enchanted by his voice :’)


After he introduced his self, there was a QnA session for Park Bo Gum from fans. Yeah, the promoter provided us to sent question for Park Bo Gum by a website, and they chose 3 questions from fans. One question what made me really speechless is “if you could turn back the time, what would you do to make it better?” and he answered nothing, just do for the best for now, it was what I concluded from his answer. Oh God, he was realistic man. Haha, I was speechless.

QnA was over, and we talked about Encounter Drama, but my feeling was not good with this session. Haha. That’s right, there were 3 lucky fans to re-scene Encounter drama with Park Bo Gum. They re-scene when Park Bo Gum was wearing a shawl to Song Hye Kyo, was giving Song Hye Kyo back hug (when they were doing it, all of the fans were screaming), and taking a selfie photo with Song Hye Kyo. Ah, my heart was broken haha..

In this Fan Meeting Park Bo Gum made a diffuse from the candle, and again he gave it to the lucky fans, and I was not the one. He hummed “paramm pam pam pam” while pouring liquid wax in his diffuser place. I couldn’t imagine how cute Park Bo Gum is. Haha. Not just that he gave the fans, but there are his shirt, his light stick, his calendar, and many more. Personally, I gave him two thumbs up for his kindness to fans.

“And it’s over for the session 1, let’s move to session 2, I am as MC in this Fan Meeting ……………” said MC. Oh, I was so curious what is the next. I couldn’t imagine anything. And after a second I was shocked by Park Bo Gum. He sang a song. OMG I got it, in this session 2 Park Bo Gum sang a few songs. Was it a fan meeting or concert? I was so glad to hear his voice while singing.

Wait wait wait, he didn’t just sing but also dance. Oh, believe me, he was really amazing. I can’t describe how cool he was until I sew him really got off the stage and walked around the venue. And let’s say his fan services were really pleased. I moved from my chair to the guardrail. There were many fans did the same. Can you imagine how crowded the guardrail? Oh oh don’t imagine it, u can’t haha. But with some struggle, I can stand in the first line on the guardrail. I and Park Bo Gum were really close. I can saw his flawless skin. OMG, what he did to his skin to become flawless skin. I can’t stop looking at him. If you want to see how close we were, you can check on my highlight in my instagram

He got off from the venue, not just one time, he did it repeatedly and I always run into the guardrail. And we were really close again and again haha. I was really happy and can’t believe it. Once again I will say his fan services are very satisfying. I think I will stop being a “fan karbitan” but I will start to become a full-time fan haha. He sang a lot of songs, I always fell in love again and again with his voice, his expression in every song, his dance and how he interacted with fans. All the songs he sang made me amazed, but the one I really liked was the song from the ost. Encounter entitled 그대여야만 해요 (Always Be With You). It reminded me how much I liked him in every scene on the Encounter drama.

Oh oh I almost forget, he played piano and sang Indonesian song, Untukmu and Kesempurnaan Cinta. I was really amazed. The pronunciation of bahasa made me speechless  Oh nice!! To me, it was not fan meeting but a concert. I was really enjoyed.

At the end of the event, he distributed small balls that he had signed and again he did not just throw them off from the stage but really rotated throughout the venue. We were so close again! And the fan meeting officially ends after he sang 1 last song.

But we saved the best for the last hahaha. All category ticket got hi-touch with Park Bo Gum!! Like I’ve said Park Bo Gum had the best fan service. We were waiting for the queue. I was so nervous. Do you know what I and Bella were doing while waiting? We were grooming haha. Even though we dress up as beautifully as we can, Park Bo Gum will only see at a glance. Hahaha.

Yeah, our time for hi-touch came! My heart was beating fast, my hands were cold while remembering how happy it was tonight because of his fan services. And FINALLY it’s my turn, we were facing each other. Asdfghjkl. Asdfghjkl. Asdfghjkl. I was enchanted!! I was speechless when our hands touched. Hey, it’s actually not just hi-touch but that was HOLD hand. Can I repeat it?? HOLD. Haha. And now I know how to describe the perfect hands. Haha, I’ve to have hands like him, not just his skin face.

Before we left the venue, the fan meeting team gave us mineral water and a letter from Park Bo Gum. I thought his fan services have been finished when we hold his hand, but at the end of this fan meeting, he gave us a letter. Thank you Park Bo Gum. I just wanna say, It was the best fan meeting I’ve ever come. See you at another time. 

May your every day be a good day

Park Bo Gum.

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