Hi, Japan!! Glad to be here.

It’s my first time to be in Japan. The amazing orderly city with high technology. I’ve read so many articles about Japan and watched Youtube how Japan looks like, but yeah I just read it before and I can’t believe it if I haven’t been to Japan.

So here I am!!! Tokyo!! The capital city of Japan.

Ok, let’s talk about what I am more amazed in here on the first day I came. Haha.

I came here by Philippine Airlines. It took 9 hours, I transited in Philippine, but the bad thing happens. When I arrived in Philippine, my plane has gone. Yeah of course they replaced it to another flight.

Ok, I will not talk about how I can come here or technical matters. In this post, I will tell you about what makes me amazed in Japan, especially Tokyo, even when I’ve read and watched it on Youtube.


Everyone knows that Japan has robots with high technology. I was surprised when I was at Haneda Airport to buy a Pasmo card, there were Robot and an officer. I saw the officer treat the Robot likes his child. He stroked the robot’s head very gently. I was shocked with that scene and I just stood there watching it. And ok, at that time I just realised that I am in Japan, the country with the high technology.

Subway Station

The first time I used subway I got off at the wrong station. Haha it was my first time guys in Japan. And I was confused which train I should choose, because almost all writing uses Japanese characters, except electronic ones, but it was still hard to read it when many people were passing by. So you say I should ask the officer? Haha I’ve asked them and they didn’t speak English. But that was not what surprised me. What surprised me was at the station, there were counters with the famous brands, for example, Asics, Nike, etc. Just thinking, is it a mall or station? Haha.


Many women use heels on the subway. As a woman, can u imagine how torturous it is to use heels to climb stairs and walk so fast? Haha I can’t do it, really. And for me, I would only use heels for formal occasions.


Have you ever heart about washout in Japan? Yaps they have so many button on their washlet. It was not that surprised me, because I’ve known it a long time ago. I just feel likes it was new for me and that was my first time to use that. By the way, the washlet was not too confusing to use it even though there were only Japanese characters, but there is a sign. Not only the washlet what impressed me, the another thing is they has soluble tissues, is it really good? After you use it, you can throw in the washlet and then flush it. Great. Japan was growing with its very fas innovations.


“You can stand under my umbrella, ella ella eh eh eh”. Yass, so many people were walking and using umbrella here. First time I came out the subway station, I saw it. Summer in Tokyo is very hot. So, they are very common here to walk with umbrellas when it is summer.

Vending Machine

There are so many vending machines here, you can even find it in a remote place. This is very useful because during summer you can dehydrate anytime and anywhere.

So that is what amazed me on the first day I arrived in Tokyo. I am grateful to have a chance to come in this country. ^.^

Written by: riskidysas

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